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#1339: Inactive or silent participants: Les replies

From: Les <lgregory@ecn.net.au>

            An interesting letter / email, why some  do and a lot do not.
I can only answer for me, I join this group a few years back. The reason
being is that I have a Haitian pen-pal / friend, she can not get information
on Haiti and ask me to see what I could find on the internet, then send by
snail mail any news to her, that is how I ended up on this list.
    I do not add to the talks because I would be talking about some I no
nothing about ie: I thought that Haiti was a holiday place something like
Surfers Paradise / Gold Coast here in Australia. It is most unlitily that I
will get to see Haiti for myself, Australia can be a long way from the rest
of the world some times. So unless the group is talking about some thing I
no about or have an opinon  on  then I will be a silent watcher. I have
learnt a lot about Haiti so the group has done some good that you do not see
or hear about.