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#1344: Dumoulin replies to Kinan

From: Philippe Dumoulin <p.dumoulin@worldnet.att.net>

 My dear Kinan,
I have two questions for you. The first one is who do you believe employs
more people, the government or the Elite?

The second one is: Who do you think blocked hundreds of projects with the
potential of employing hundreds of workers simply because one person in
charge of the entity could not pocket a percentage of the budget for their
own interest?

Perhaps we should investigate to find out if the Government has implemented
a policy to encourage (anyone not the elite only) massive investment in
Haiti. In the 1980's, few people knew what was going on with the Haitians in
the D.R. until "Canne Amère" was published by a French man (can't recall his
name) and though we knew about it, it was virtually impossible to talk about
it because the personnel lucrative domain of Jean-Claude Duvalier, who used
to get paid millions of dollars in cash every year to allow Haitians in the
Dominican Zafra, would silenced any opposition. It was the government, not
the elite, who got paid for the rental of Haitian labor (RHL). Is there any
evidence showing that some administrations after the Duvalier era were
compensated to close their eyes on RHL (rental of haitian labor)?---
L'enquête se poursuie!