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#1349: Super model or Playboy Bunny? : Settle comments

From: jackie settle <jackiesettle@yahoo.com>
Subject: Super model or Playboy Bunny?

I have a friend in Denver who sent me a newspaper
article dated Wed. Aug. 4 1999 about Susan
Krabacher and her husband "who live in a
luxurious Aspen home".
  She was a Playboy bunny and now she works in
Haiti with kids.  It seemed like a rather flawed
view of Haiti (the opinion of my Haitian friends)
and it seemed to have some misinformation in the
I don't know enough about scanning and pasting
etc to send the article but if there is enough
interest I am willing to retype the whole thing
and post it on the list.
She talks about working in the Hospital in
"A baby she knew died in the ward, and she wanted
to see that it was properly buried.  In her
search for the corpse, she ended up at the
hospital morgue, where dead babies were
carelessly tossed on shelves many bodies deep. 
Her determination to retrieve the body created a
mini-industry for the poverty-stricken hospital
workers.  They would "hide" the bodies they knew
she would want, then charge her $75 to retrieve
She also claims to have "the cleanest orphanage
in Haiti".  Since I am involved with 2 orphanages
and she has never been to either of them I don't
know how she can make this claim. The ones I am
involved with are very clean.  The article upset
me but I will not let it stop me from continuing
to work with the orphans or handicapped kids.  I
am not in it for the glory but am just a mother
of 7 adopted kids who wants to make a little
difference in the lives of Haitian kids.
I would also like to see more input on the list
from others with orphanages and clinics. 
Jackie Settle 

"If you cannot find something worth dying for, you're hardly fit to live." - Dr. Martin  Luther King
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