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#1341:Questions about Leadership : Delatour replies on different question

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>
> Re: # 1302: Questions about leadership:Antoine asks

> 1) In a system of government such as the one recently adopted
> by Haiti, what would be the most desirable attributes of a
> President?  The most desirable attributes of a Prime Minister?

One of the most desirable attributes for a President in a parliamentary
system would be that he understands the fundermentals of "checks and
balances".Old habits die hard anywhere, but certainly in the case of Haiti
we desperately need to move away from the concept of too much power
centralized in the hands of one man. Another interesting attribute would be
for a president to be an able an effective communicator to the people. Not
a demagogue mind you, but rather a President who can convey the message of
government to the people.Haiti has experienced to many "Silent Sams"in
Presidents.The people need to know.

In the case of the Prime Minister I would say that he or she needs to
understand the requirements of the office.Too often we have seen Prime
Ministers that are lackeys to the President.Therefore, a strong minded
person would be a most welcomed attribute in a Prime minister.A Lionel
Jospin to Jacques Chirac relationship would be preferable to a  Martial
Celestin and Leslie Manigat relationship. In the case of Haiti this may
sound utopic but certainly idealistic.
> 2) Will the people of Haiti ever truly consider the Prime Minister 
> as the official truly in charge of running the government, and 
> entrust him with more effectual power than the President, the 
> head of state?

This will take some time as we are an African people with beliefs deeply
rooted in the "Chef" system. In such a system there is room for only one
"Chef" not two.