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#1380: Nekita responding to Bell (fwd)


I like the style in which Madison presented his comments. He is very simple, 
eloquent , not technical.
I would like to respond to his remarks.
"...Something similar is going on in Haiti now, that is in at least one 
literary circle that I know of, Kreyol is the language for all purposes-- 
discussion, novel and poetry writing, everything.  
.........This shift in cultural values is right for producing  masterpiece 
literature (and certainly there is no shortage of subject matter)"

I agree with Madison that there is no shortage of subject matter. However 
there is a shortage of  financial and moral support for Creole writers. I 
wrote more extensively  along that line last week and asked the Creole 
discussion to focus on availability of support for Creole writers.
There are probably so many topics being addressed that a discussion on 
durable support for Creole writers "got lost in the shuffle."
Another Madison's viewpoint:
"... This in the sort of group which I'd guess would have been functioning 
entirely in French a generation back".   ( This sentence is not clear . I 
don't understand what Madison means. The Creole writers I know like 
Morrisseau Leroy, Vedrine,myself can write in 2, 3 languages and usually 
produce pieces in Creole , French like Morisseau or  in three languages like 
Vedrine and myself. What does he mean by a generation back? Is it 10, 20 
years back?
I don't want to continue on socio-politico-linguistics issues or the 
dichotomy of French vs.Creole; but a low key conversation on Creole writers, 
Creole literature, Creole in Japan or Japanese supporting Creole or education 
endeavors in Haiti can be a subject of discussion.