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#1375: medicines at customs: Laleau comments

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Prudy,

Maybe if you'd just given the money (or MORE money) to Customs before doing 
anything else, you would have gotten through faster.  Or maybe I'm just 

PS -- During the worst of the dictatorship, I took about 100 pounds of 
medicines to Haiti too -- no one stopped me at customs.  I was not an M.D. 
and had no certificate of donation either... no paperwork at all except my US 
passport.  Apparently the regime at that point wasn't worried about 
legalities at all, and more likely, perhaps just by luck, no one bothered to 
shake me down.  I don't know of any legalities affecting taking medicines in 
to Haiti, such as you describe... 

Nancy Laleau