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#1390: Susie Krabacher (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

The "super model/playboy bunny" you both
mention must have been Susie Krabacher, interviewed by Diane Sawyer on her
program last Friday.

The interview was extensive enough to leave these impressions:
    - She lives in Aspen, Colorado; her husband is involved and supportive
    - She read about conditions for street children in PAP and went to see
for herself
    - She was filmed with kids, and certainly seemed genuinely intent on
doing something constructive
    - She says she and her husband pay all the operating costs, so 100% of
money goes for the kids
    - About 1100 kids are benefiting from the PAP program
    - Her organization is called "Worldwide Sharing........"  so perhaps
(not sure) it operates in other countries too
    - She is quite stunning, but her Playboy Magazine ("Miss May"  -
whatever year) career is history

The implication of both your posts was that her operation is not worthy. Of
the interview left the opposite impression  -  though no solicitation or
even mailing address were involved.  I'd be interested in learning what
others here know about the organization, for it certainly seemed worthy.
The only 'objection', if you call it that, is that it sounds like
handout/charity (food, clothing, schooling) and therefore not specifically
aimed at school building, enterprise creating, etc.   It does however,
include helping kids go to school, and after all, helping 1100 kids move up
a little is hard to criticize.

Phil Knowles