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#1371: Article in the Economist : Seiger comments

From: Karen Seiger <KSeiger@ifes.org>

The December 4th article in the Economist was a fine, big-picture snapshot of an extraordinarily complicated situation.  But I just get tired of the same old negative, seemingly hopeless image that journalists create time and time again.  For once, I'd like someone to delve a little deeper and take a longer look at the situation.  It is too easy to rewrite the same stories.  I'm not questioning these particular facts, but for once I'd like to read a news article where someone has taken time to come up with some deeper insights and even maybe some recommendations.  That may not be the traditional role of a journalist, but wouldn't it be nice?

I'm a newcomer to this list, and I'd like to say how much I enjoy its "wholistic" approach to Haiti and all its complexities.  

Thank you.