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#140: Jacmel Flights Query: Alvord replies

From: Jack Alvord <alvord@lightspeed.net>

Dear Patrick,

I recall my first trips to Jacmel, before the French built the highway. What
adventure to fly close over the mountain and land in the Jacmel airport. I
was greeted by eager children and a jeep from the hotel across from the
Alexander, help me Peter for the name slips me, but it was burned down and
perhaps due to the outrage against the decision in favor of Danies (who
partnered with Duvalier in the building of the Jacmellian) for ownership of
the hotel. It was known as having the best meals in Haiti and folks from PAP
would come to spend the weekend in Jacmel as much for their food as for the
beaches and nightlife. I read in your wonderful 1991 Business Travel article
of the Jacmellian but no mention of this hotel. I don't believe it had yet
been burned down. It was full of wonderful antiques and quaint folks
including the grand Madam of the place a large and robust and jolly woman
who was the greeter of all.

I would love to relive the flight and the times spent in Jacmel, walking the
streets and enjoying evenings with Max and Jane MacRay, the Choubouloute
Bar/Restaurant gang, and all the wonderful characters that populate the town
in a never ending way. One of the last visits there I heard a voice from the
darkness ask, "Jacque, How many times have you come to Jacmel?" I answered,
" I don't know" and he then ran down each of my visits with details marking
each trip; from my companions, my adventures (good and bad), and I was
thrilled and incensed in a positive way that anyone was so observant of me.
My Haitian biographer discovered in the shadows. It was a few years later
that I discovered that the voice belonged to a young man who became the
president of the local Voodoo society and was very helpful to me in some
ways as well as trying to sell me a card guaranteeing me protection from all
secret societies throughout Haiti.

Thanks for stirring the memories.

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Subject: #1363: Jacmel Flights Query, from Slavin (fwd)

From: Patrick Slavin <pslavin@unicefusa.org>

Does anyone have any information on flights to Jacmel from Port-au-Prince?
need charter information, but details on a regularly scheduled MAF or Air
Cedras, whoops, Carib Inter flights will be appreciated.