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#1404: Scholarships (fwd)


My name is Jessica St. Vil.  I am currently a Senior at Lehman College for 
the Performing Arts in Bronx, NY.  I am a Mass Communications major.  I love 
Mass Communications and I enjoy writing, but right now I am pursuing other 
things.  Right now, I am pursuing a career in dance, which my parents aren't 
to happy about, which is giving me problems in terms of finding money to pay 
for graduate school.  I am thinking of going to SUNY Purchase, which is out 
in White Plains, New York and the third top school for graduate degrees in 
dance.  I am writing you because I would like to know if someone can possibly 
tell me where to go, or let me know about some links in terms of obtaining a 
scholarship for graduate school. I am a dancer.  I've been dancing just about 
all of my life, and I am a dance minor at Lehman College for the Performing