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#1415: Haiti poorest nation..... Perrault comments

From: ange perrault <ange.perrault@mail.tju.edu>

We should not feel that change will be difficult. 
Make the correction, do not let go without saying anything.
Listen, if our ancestors felt overwhelmed that they would not break
their bondage, we would be a french colony.

You are right, the general US population cannot make the difference
between Trinidad, Jamaica and Haiti. I know people to this day still
ask me "How was Jamaica?" I answer "great". I pick my fights.

Someone else asked: "Do you have houses in Haiti?", I responded:
"No! I lived in a hut sipping coconut juice all day under a tree"
That is what she wanted to hear. The dilemma is the following: 
"Well how come you were able to come hear and have a Ph.D.?", I answered:
"Well I got bored at home, so I decided to come here and get a degree".
Anyone with an ounce of brain would know that I pulling their leg.

Use any means necessary to get the point across.
As it relates to the PHRASE, the reporters know better, they want to make
sure you don't forget you are poorest in the hemisphere. We are the poorest
but we are also the "first republic of the Western World". Notice this time
I did not say black.

The US well after 1776 was still fighting the british up until 1812.
We were masters of the land in 1803 and declared independence in 1804.

Could someone give me the EXACT DATE for the crossing of the Delaware by
George Washington?  you know your history better than I, I hope.

Ange R. Perrault, Ph.D.