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#1408: Drug plane's crash northeast of PAP (fwd)

From: John Munsell <JMunsell@maf.org>

About 10 days ago, and then again Sunday night small single engine Cessna's
(like we use in MAF) have crash landed about 6 miles northeast of Mais
Gate, Port au Prince Int'l airport.  Both of the planes had Columbian
registry and are suspected of transporting drugs.  The first one (10 days
ago) crashed and burned up.  The one a few days ago is pretty much in tact
and the police will be removing the plane.  Both landed at night in an
unlighted area.  There are many ways I could speculate on this which are
obvious, or not so obvious.  I'll just say that we've known it's been going
on, this just seems to be pretty bold and not much attempt was made to hide
what was going on.