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#1438: Haiti School Advice & Local 'Book Club' : Durban comments

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

                             Miami, 12/16/99

Further to the recent Corbett list query on schools and
libraries, etc. in Haiti and Ms Grey's subsequent, and generally
valid, observations about Union School and the American

In fact, there are very few children of American businessmen at
Union School because there are very few American businessmen in
Haiti!  Union School definitely does cater to the wealthier
folks in Haiti, however, and in my biased opinion (my wife
heading the Special Education Department at Union School) it is
really the only school in Haiti where I would want my kids to
go. They have about 350 students (K-12) and are more than the
equal to most schools in the States.  Between 10 and 15%% of the
student population at Union School is of Haitian Arab background
and there are also some 3rd country nationals...not to many U.S.
embassy kids.   (Quesqueya Christian School is reasonable also
if you can put up with the religious baggage).  

Re. libraries, you would want to check out the Colony Club... a
Haitian institution that has been around since the FIRST
American occupation.  It is really a 'library club' located at
the Petionville Club, but you do NOT have to be a member of the
pricey Petionville Club to join.  Colony Club has a good library
of books in English and meet every Friday from 4 to 6 PM. 
Membership is about US$ 25 per year, plus you will very
occasionally be asked to bring refreshments (cake, cookies,
etc.) on a Friday.  Good place to meet English speaking people
in Haiti.

Lance Durban
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