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#1454: destruction of vodou thru germans in Haiti (fwd)

From: d. e s s e r <mabouye@escape.com>

The following is regarding the work of german missionaries in Haiti:

  The german nonprofit missionary group "Jesus fuer Haiti" is active mainly in
Gonaives with an office in Port-au-Prince [Mission de Vie -Service Barnabas-].
They operate among other things what they call a "childrensvillage" [partly an
orphanage; Rue Christophe #8] as well as shops for crafts, sewing and knitting
of socks [knitted socks made in Haiti for fundraising in Germany]. They also
run a bank and teach missionaries in six locations within Haiti. The german
mission is collecting funds in Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as France.
In their literature vodou is referred to as evil and Haiti is a place that
needs to be changed to come closer to their ideal of a christian country.

  I think it is one example of the impediment of progress in Haiti, if
foreigners continually try to undermine the local culture and way of life and
infuse large amounts of money to accomplish these goals.

** "A powerful and enthusiastic prayer movement has sprung up in Haiti, the
"Association des Evangélistes Haïtiens" in short A.E.H., therefore an
association of protestant haitians...
... But their main task is to destroy the system of vodou and to liberate the
people that are still under the influence of satan [sic!]. ..."

from "Haïti" Vol 25 January-March 1999 page 14
a quarterly publication by Lebensmission e.V. "Jesus fuer Haiti"
translated from the german

The address of the german mission headquarter:

Lebensmission e.V.
"Jesus fuer Haiti"
Badstrasse 20
D-76829 Landau i.d. Pfalz

tel     63 41/8 23 31
fax     63 41/8 07 52
e-mail  Lebensmission@t-online.de