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#1461: Labling of Haiti: response to Corbett from Laudisio


"getting beyond exaggerated generalizations"  

I must admit that six years ago I made my first trip to Haiti because it was 
"the poorest", I hoped to be able to do something useful, I was curious about 
the culture, I was ready to go someplace different ...

What keeps me going back is being in relationship with Haitian people and 
discovering more and more about a very "rich" culture ...

Sometimes I think I will  never really be able to understand anything about 
Haiti ... it can be overwhelming.  It is often difficult to figure out what 
is helpful or harmful about our time and work in Haiti. I have a lot to 

Books help ... this chat room helps ... the enthusiasm of my American friends 
who are also getting to know Haiti a little better helps .... spending time 
in Haiti helps ... but most of all, having Haitian friends makes it well 
worth the effort to stay involved.

Pat Laudisio
Colorado Haiti Project