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#1469: Jews in Haiti : Wilentz comments

From: Amy Wilentz <amywile@panix.com>

Often people laugh at Haitians' naivete in referring to the Palestinian
and Lebanese population of Haiti as "Syrians." However, I believe that
at the time of this Arab immigration to the Caribbean, Palestine and
Lebanon were a part of Syria, and the Palestinians would have called
themselves Syrians. (The Lebanese today are once again living under a
Syrian occupation.)
	The Syrians still believe that Palestine is a part of Syria, by the way
(viz their attitude concerning the Golan Heights), and that its new
designation (Israel, Palestine.....) was affixed to it by colonial
powers (Brits and French). 
I think it's funnier that the "Syrians" of Haiti are portrayed, during
Carnival, as Juifs Errants.

Amy Wilentz