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#1466: Responding to Nadine's comments


<< I don't know about other black groups. However I attended a presentation 
 Afro -American artists lately entitled " Why is white the audience? What I 
 gather is black artists don't get support from their black brothers and 
 I bought a  magazine called "Kompa" last September. It looks a Haitian Vibe 
 or Source (hip-hop magazines) version. Are the editors on Corbett Land? 
 I have heard a lot from  linguists. Let's hear from musicians, painters, 
 actors, comedians  and other artists now.
  >>                                       Nekita

I am married to a Haitian artist, a painter.  We sell his paintings
in art shows and art festivals mostly in Southern California where we live.  
When we started (12 years ago) I naively thought that black Americans would 
be our main market.  Boy was I wrong!  Fully 95% of our market is white, we 
sell to some upper middle class blacks and even fewer Haitian Americans.  
Haitian Americans HATE to spend money for Haitian art.....they know what it 
goes for in Haiti!!  We only sell originals and not to dealers or galleries 
to keep the cost of the originals at an affordable level.  We do only one 
black art show, meaning only black artists are invited, and since I am white, 
I do not do the show with my husband as it causes problems with black 
Americans....ironic isn't it. People decide how they will spend their 
disposable income....many people do not consider art when they spend their 
hard earned money.  And some do, thank heaven!  Allocation of funds.  Frankly 
I don't care who buys his art, as long as someone buys it!  We are going to 
try the New Orleans Jazz Festival next year!  We shall see who buys there.

Wish us luck!

Kathy Dorce'