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#1491: "Haiti, the poorest country ..., " AIDS, etc : a response


i am in agreement with you that we should be more interested in developing 
our nation rather than how it is perceived. i am also in agreement that the 
AIDS  epidemics is very serious in Haiti and should be of concern to all of 
us and do something about it.

however it is also very important that we are clere about the following:

     when Haiti or any country is being portrayed acertain way by the U.S. 
    and media it can have a very serious impact in terms of tourism, foreign 
    cultural exange, etc... (people will stay away). that does not mean to 
say that 
    things are fine. but the negative  depiction of a country can be very 
harmful to its      

     regarding the AIDS question we cannot only look at the solution of the 
     problem. it is a political crisis, in the U.S., in Haiti and all over 
the world. it has to do with the lack of leadership an political will on the 
part of the world superpowers, with all their resources (money, 
technology...).  The U.S.,  the richest and  most powerful contry in the 
world is plaged by the AIDS epidemic, BECAUSE OF GREED (insurance companies, 
pharmacetical industry and the ther powerful interest groups)  adequat 
treatments are denied to the working class and poor people and the lack of 
leadership on the part of government (which should tak) is a major issue. 

      Haiti, now more than ever (and always) under U.S. domination is no 
accident why the AIDS epidemic is not being dealt with seriously. in order 
for a haitian governmen to be able to deal with the AIDS crisis, the health 
crisis in general (since we are on the subject of US control and domination 
of Haiti)..... clearly the U.S. goverment has their priority as far as Haiti 
is concerned. it is documented that the U.S. has spent more than three 
billion dollars ($3 billion) since their intervention in (1994), i do not 
have any figures, but i would like to know what percentage of that was spent 
on health (AIDS and other health related problem).

the only way the immage proble and the real problems of Haiti can be solve by 
revolution (the only solution). only a revolution will give Haiti what it 
desperatly need to advance: sovereignty. in other words, only when haitian 
revolutionaries, progressives and true patriots have real power and total 
control of their contry will we be able to talk about real  economic 
develoopment, health care education, etc...

the current "leadership" in Haiti is only a pupet of the U.S. ready to jump 
three times hire every time their masters in Washington ask them to. there is 
no doubt in my mind that their are still some Haitian revolutionary who are 
not corrupt and truly would like to see the immage of their country and human 
conditions change.