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#1508: Taino People in LaGonave : Davis replies to Gill

From: Karen Davis <kdavis@marygrove.edu>

Yes, and the land the Africans lived on before they were stolen as slaves
was stolen from them. And the land my mother's Polish ancestors owned was
stolen from them in a bloody invasion. And if those Polish ancestors of mine
had ancestors who were Celts (who knows?), then they invaded "Poland " &
stole it from the earlier people living there. Let's not get too carried
away. If there are 100-200 people with "full" ancestry" from Caribbean-area
indigenous peoples, do they get to "own" all the Caribbean nations? Then
where do the Africans, Europeans, mixed, Chinese, East Indians, etc. go to?
"home?" Where is that? In To which African nation should a Black Haitian
"return" (having never lived there)? Where is my "home" if my ancestors are
West African, central African, eastern European, western European, and east
Indian? And didn't the people of the American first nations come here from
their homelands in Asia? Do a poverty-stricken African-Haitian and a
poverty-stricken white Barbadian have to pay taxes or indemnity to someone
who claims to have partial "Taino" ancestry? Why? Can't we instead look at
TODAY and ask what God gave ANYONE the right to be rich while others are