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#1511: criminality change? A comments

From: KEMP <kemp@globelsud.net>

     On december 6 (you see I'm behind reading all the postings) T.Burnham 

<After all, the criminal element has been in Haiti for a long time. (...)
So, what has changed criminally speaking?

     The biggest change I've noticed is that not only it really is NOT safe 
     anymore to go out on the streets at night (whereas in the eighties I 
     felt safer on the street here in Haiti than back in Holland) but also 
     that in former days you wouldn't feel target of big crimes as long as 
     you stayed a-political and made no personal ennemies.
     Nowadays it seems anyone can become target of crimes as big as robbery 
     on gunpoint, rape and murder.
     At the other hand I must admit that this is part of living in a big 
     city. Columbine and Chorinchem are definetely not places in Haiti...