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#1519: Tunnel for traffic: Blanchet comments

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

The solution to the La Boule road mess is a new


I would propose a tunnel that would link the Boutillier corner

to the Northern side of the mountain where it would tie

into a "boulevard périphérique" that would hug the flancs of

the mountain and link the Canapé Vert road to Carrrefour.

A toll would be charged to users of the tunnel and the big,

bad, ugly sand trucks kept out. The toll would be collected

double in one direction only as is done on SF Bay Area

bridges to ease the flow of traffic.

Another thought: as one stands in Fermath and looks to the

West, there is that huge "gorge" and then the smooth mountain side.

A new road along that mountain side and almost parallel to the Kenskoff

road might be built there. It would end up in Kenskoff and at my

proposed tunnel entrance.  This would open up a whole new area

for development.

The gorge itself would be broken by a series of mini dams behind

which new reservoirs would be created that would serve the P--au-P

metropolitan area. Likewise, the dams could be sites for low-head

hydroelectric power plants that would also serve P-au-P.

As for privatization, I am a bit skeptical.

Might be worth a try though!