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#1526: "Haiti, the poorest country ..., " AIDS, etc : response by Voordouw (fwd)


Max Blanchet is right to emphasize the need that Haitian society starts 
addressing the AIDS epidemic as a common front.  Fortunately this year some 
very positive initiatives have come up:

-  A few months ago, a group of prominent journalists (radio, TV and print) 
launched the "Cellule de communication sur le VIH/SIDA", CECOSIDA, an 
association aiming to strengthen the quantity and quality of reporting on the 
disease, and foster partnerships between media and sources of information.  
These reporters recognize that the disease is so serious that they should 
collaborate on stories and share them across the various media.

-  In February 1999, an association of seropositive people and symphatizers 
was founded (ASON) with nearly 200 members, who are developing activities to 
involve seropositive people in prevention campaigns (public fora in the 
provinces, media productions, etc).  Needless to say that ASON is very 
committed to take the disease out of the tabou atmosphere and stimulate an 
open discussion (+education, information), utilizing testimonies of their 
personal experiences.  ASON has a website at http://www.panosinst.org/ASON

Jan Voordouw