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#1532: Haitian Coffee (fwd)

From: Jeffrey Leon <jbleon@malone.edu>

  I am curious about your opinions about the best Haitian coffee.  Two years
ago while in the village of Le Pret (close to Pic Macaya), I was able to
purchase some coffee.  It was a mid to low grade coffee.  The flavor was
fine, but many broken beans, and hulls still in the coffee, which makes
roasting difficult.

  I have heard of Haitian bleu (that is apparently grown near Jolli Gilbert
which is on the road to Pestel I believe), and it is supposed to be great.
Barney's Coffee supposidly sells it.  We don't have any Barney's here in
northeast Ohio.

  Is there other coffee that I should know about?  Have any of you had/heard
of Haitian Bleu?  I am not a coffee broker, just a coffee lover that loves
most things Haitian.

Jeffrey Leon