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#1555: Reposting: New Haiti Book, Press Release from Slavin (fwd)

From: Patrick Slavin <pslavin@unicefusa.org>


With the positive reviews from the list, I'd like to try to repost the press
release about "Where Light Speaks: Haiti." As it is Christmas and for a good
cause, and all that.


(Posted by Patrick Slavin and Suzanne Seitz)

                                                  For Immediate Release         

Press Contacts:
Jim Hofstetter          or  John Yates, M.D.
U.S. National Director      Executive Director
International Child Care    International Child Care
Tel:  (614) 447-9952        Tel/Fax (In Haiti): (011) (509) 246-4104
Fax:  (614) 447-1123        E-Mail: Drjyates@aol.com    
E-Mail: iccusa1@aol.com

Release of New Book Dedicated to the Children of Haiti:

                           Where Light Speaks: Haiti

                          Photographs by Carl Hiebert
          Written by Sandy Noble Yates, Syto Cavé, and Anthony Phelps
     Published in English, French, and Creole by International Child Care, 
                    168 Pages, US$40, ISBN #: 0-9685579-0-2
                        With Over 150 Color Photographs

NEW YORK, December 13 –– Haiti is a nation exploding with expression. It is seen
in the color of the island nation’s Carnival, its Caribbean beaches and
mountains, and of course, on the faces of its children.

In a breakthrough creative effort, International Child Care has released an
extraordinary book capturing the expression and great beauty of a country and
its people: "Where Light Speaks: Haiti." With more than 150 color photographs by
Carl Hiebert and the poetry of contemporary Haitian writers Syto Cavé and
Anthony Phelps, "Where Light Speaks: Haiti" takes readers on an incredible
journey across one of the world’s most fascinating landscapes. The book’s
principal author is Sandy Noble Yates.

The 168 page book, which includes passages in English, French, and Creole, was
produced through the collaboration of Hiebert, a Canadian photographer and
author of the best-seller "Gift of Wings: An Aerial Celebration of Canada," and
Yates, a writer who has lived in Haiti since 1992. Hiebert and Yates spent three
months traveling throughout the country, searching for images that not only
illustrated the beauty of Haiti but also the dignity of a proud people.
Incredibly, Hiebert completed his assignment, which included treks through
mountain passes, aerial photography, and shoots in remote coastal areas, in his
wheelchair. Hiebert was disabled following a hang-gliding accident in 1981.

All proceeds from the sale of "Where Light Speaks" benefit the work of
International Child Care (ICC), a Christian health development agency dedicated
to promoting health and wholeness to those in need, especially children in Haiti
and the Dominican Republic. A legally recognized non-profit organization in
Haiti, Canada, and the United States, ICC has worked for more than 30 years in
Haiti and more than a decade in the Dominican Republic to provide primary health
care to children and families. The organization founded Grace Children's
Hospital in Port-au-Prince in 1967. Today, Grace Children's Hospital is the only
pediatric tuberculosis care facility in Haiti. On average, more than 350
patients are treated at Grace every day. 

"Where Light Speaks: Haiti" received financial support from Groupe Sogebank,
American Airlines, Texaco, the Republic of Haiti’s Secretary of State for
Tourism,  the Hotel Montana, and DHL.


To order "Where Light Speaks: Haiti" from the United States, call (800) 72-
CHILD. Cost: $40, plus $4 for shipping. Visa and MasterCard accepted. Or send
$44 in check or money order to ICC USA, P.O. Box 14485, Columbus, OH 43214.

To order "Where Light Speaks: Haiti" from Canada, call (888) 72-CHILD. Cost:
$50, plus $7.02 for Federal tax and shipping. Visa and MasterCard accepted. Or
send $57.02 in check or money order to ICC Canada, 2476 Argentia Road, Suite
113, Mississauga, Ontario L5N 6M1.

To order "Where Light Speaks: Haiti" from Haiti, call (509) 246-4104 or visit
International Child Care, Delmas 31, No. 38, Port-au-Prince. Cost: G650.


       For More Information on "Where Light Speaks: Haiti," Please Visit: