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#1559: Haiti: poorest land.... Joseph asks of Foxwell

From: Dotie Joseph <dotiej@hotmail.com>

I just had a couple of questions for Foxwell and was wondering if he would 
be willing to clarify some of his comments for me:

>Christians missionaries who teach a doctrine of lovingkindness are, >after 
>all, Haiti's only hope.
Are the missionaries themself the " Haiti's only hope"? Or is it the WORD 
that the are supposed to spreading--this doctrine of loving kindness. 
Putting my personal beliefs aside, historically speaking, I'm not sure how 
much Haitians should rely on missionaries regardless of their proclaimed 
intentions. People are human and are not sinless so I don't think Haiti 
should be relying on them.

>Haiti has been politically independent for most of the last 200 >years. 
>Poverty, oppression and bloodshed have been the politics of >Haiti. How are 
>a people steeped in a long tradition of blood going >to "create immediatly 
>a 'gouvernement d'urgence' which would deal >with the immediat needs of the 
>country and its people...."
You mentioned that
>The problems of Haiti are Haitian, not western imperialism.
Well, let me ask you this, why exactly have Haitians been struggling to 
"create immediatly a 'gouvernement d'urgence'" from its very birth? I have 
no qualms with conceding that Haiti has numerous internal problems. However, 
if you look close enough and thorough enough, they are usually tied to 
external factors--including certain  US policies (and since you mentioned 
it, certain missionaries draped in the cloak of these "doctrines of 
lovingkindness" that served as the informants/harbingers of slavecatchers in 
the first place).

>Where will the deep seated moral leadership come from  that the >writer 
>depends upon to bring about fundamental change?
So here are you saying that deep-seated moral leadership cannot be found 
without Christianity? I ask this, not to diss (disrespect) or put down 
Christianity but I am a big believer in religious tolerance--especially when 
other cultures are concernedóbecause many of the same moral lessons and 
positive doctrines can be found in other religions. This loving kindness is 
not an exclusive doctrine of any one religion.

In the Spirit of Peace and Truth,
Dotie Joseph
c/o Pastor Gonel
Beraca Haitian Church
777 NW 106th Street
Miami, FL 33167

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