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#1592: Questions about Leadership : Morse replies to Dorce

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

dorce says that:
"as long as those in power steal and suck haiti dry without putting 
anything back, haiti will continue to decline"

i assume from this statement that you believe that haiti is same as it 
ever was...using the phrase "as long as..haiti will continue.." implies 
that the popularly elected government is carrying on the tradition of 
stealing and sucking....is this what you meant to say?

i believe, perhaps someone can correct me, that now president rene 
preval had been nominated by aristide as prime minister but the '91 
coup happened before there was a ratification...the ratification wasn't 
even a guarantee because the parliament felt they were being left out 
of the (political, financial)loop ...tires were even brought to the 

richard morse