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#1601: An invitation to sit in on another of Corbett's courses

From:  Bob Corbett

Once again this semester I'm teaching one course 100% on-line.  It is
not a Haiti-related course, but you are certainly welcomed to sit in
if you wish and participate as you are moved.

The course is Philosophy of Education:  The Radical Perspective.

You can see a detailed description at:


Most inquiries into education are reformist.  That is:  it is granted that
the systems are not perfect, and reforms are studied.  This is a radical
approach.  It begins with the hypothesis that schools are completely 
unreformable and should simply be trashed.  Then what?  The radicals
look at alternatives to schools as we know them.  

We will read people like Ivan Illich, Paulo Freire, Philippe Aries and
a contemporary semi-radical Ron Miller.

Visitors welcome.  Nothing is expected of the visitor.  I just put you
on the special philosophy of education mailing list and you participate
only if you wish.  For vistors there is no academic credit.  Anyone is
certainly welcomed to register as a matriculating student at Webster
University and to take the course for credit.

There is no fee to be a visitor.

Bob Corbett