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#1607: burnham asks two questions...well, more like eight or nine (fwd)

From: thor burnham <thorald_mb@hotmail.com>

To the list:

1) Given the large number of organizations that currently function in Haiti, 
particularly of the religious ilk, what level of coordination exists between 
them? Is there a single organization, or several, that harmonizes the focus 
of the various organizations? Do NGO's have to register in Haiti, or can 
anyone simply set up a foundation and pursue their version of altruism?  For 
example, does Corbett's own People to People (hope i'm correct) coordinate 
its efforts with a larger organization, or series of organizations, so that 
overlap doesn't occur?
And, if no coordinating organization exists, would it be a good idea to have 
one, or a few? Would they be able to work in conjunction with the Haitian 
government to complement work in progress or target areas such as education? 
Would more coordination be a good, or bad thing?
  I'm counting on the list to disabuse me of the notion that it could be 

2) What are the exact dates for carnival this year?

thanks in advance
thor burnham

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