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#1617: Haitian Presidential Race :Kozyn commnets

From: John C. Kozyn <jckozyn@mnsinc.com>

<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param>> In the coming year, the Haitian presidential race will be on the
move.  It

> might be a good idea for all the Corbetteers who are still
interested in

> Haitian politics to focus on this race and express their opinions
as to what

> qualities a Haitian president should have and which candidate they
think the

> Haitian people should vote into office.


Well, I'm certainly interested in Haitian politics, but far be it

from me to presume which candidate the people of Haiti should vote

into office. Isn't that why elections are held in the first place -

to determine that? For example, my opinion may matter to some, and to
 others... well, maybe they've already set their e-mail filters to

"delete"  ;)

All jesting aside Mr. Laraque (I presume you are Ayisyen-lt-b-dlo)

but your remarks below are fairly presumptuous. Let me explain why.

<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param>> This would be our own vox populi since those of us who were born
here or

> became naturalized cannot vote.  I am certain that whatever trend

> from our opinions will have some influence on the race.

<color><param>0000,0000,0000</param>This e-mail list of people _very_ interested in Haiti has very little
 impact upon what may or may not happen politically in Haiti. First -

and this should be obvious - the "vox populi" in Haiti doesn't have

Internet access. In fact, until the last few days, many people in the
 government itself didn't even have Internet access until ACN finally
 decided to pay the mandated fine. Did the government shoot itself in
 the foot? No. Did they enforce the law? Yes, but I digress...

E-mail lists are great for creating virtual communities. I think we

can all agree on that one. But to suppose that Bob Corbett's Haiti e-
mail list will impact and "have some influence on the [presidential]
race" in Haiti borders on hubris.

Seriously though, I enjoy reading from and learn from many of the

individuals that regularly participate in this list (some lurkers and
 other christians in action not included ;) but I believe that the

only potential presidential candidates who might be influenced by

this list are those who already subscribe to it. And... if they do,

they'll already have realized that their votes will still come (need

to come) from an un-connected, domestic, political base and not from

some well-intentioned but dis-connected cyber-citizen. Therein lies

the difference. Ne c'est pas? Hey, if I'm wrong, argue with me :)

<color><param>7F00,0000,0000</param>> Again, I wish you all a happy holiday and a wonderful new year.

<color><param>0000,0000,0000</param>I can't argue with that. A pye nou ye ;)