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#1621: update from the island : Jude comments from cyber cafe


Hi Everyone,
I writing from one of the many cyber cafe now operating in haiti. I just wanted to give a quick update from ground zero about how it really is down here.
First of all, the major news down here is not about the insecurity but about what the exagerated account have down to the Christmas season in which traditionally many Haitian return home for the Holidays. The main complaint is that the exagerated reports have caused a marked decrease in travelers this years and the worry that it might become a trend. The stories they seem to dislike the most are about people following you frm the airport which grew from one or two publicized incidents.
Personally i have had no problems, the car i borrowed had a non working fuel gage and I ran out of fuel and had to walk about 3 miles on the Route de Carrefour @ around 12:30 @ night the only thing of not was that Police were conducting Searches. the next day I had a flat @ 11:30 and two individuals actully helped me change the tire...well they changed it for me. 
The people here are trying to go on with there lives and live as well as the circumstances allow, and deep down are a good people. So for the people who like to put a magnifying glass on negative of my country. Soti sou do nou, ban nou on chance nap rive kanmem!!!

Happy y2K