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#1614: Creole vs French: A comment



all this debate about whether or not schools, universities, etc.. should 
teach in CREOLE, is a very interesting debate. indeed, trying to make sence 
out of why or why not creole is good, only if the debate is honest. 

the key question should be: what language do haitians understand and speak 
better than any other language. the answer of course is CREOLE ! now if 
haitians understand and speak creole better than any other language they 
should be tought in CREOLE.

I personally believe that those who refuse to accept this fact are not 
debating seriously or they are very limited as "intellectuals". this is olso 
an issue of class conciousness and identity.

i must say  that i truely believe only when a revolution takes place in Haiti 
will CREOLE and the true culture of the haitian people be imposed. at the 
moment french and american colonialism/imperialism as well the ruling elive 
are still in controle of power we can continue to debate this subject but 
until there is a socialist revolution in Haiti the will  and needs of the 
haitian masses will will not be met.

therefore those of us who seriously believe that creole and haitian culture 
should occupy first place must build a revolutionary movement which will 
solve the probelm once and for all.

what's your opinion? i would like to know?