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#1628: Perhaps the oddest addition to my library in all of 1999

From:  Bob Corbett

Only one more day to receive mail or packages in 1999, and today's mail
brought me an item that may well be the oddest acquisition to my library
in the entire very active year of 1999.

It is a piece of sheet music from a 1909 musical entitled MY HAYTIAN
QUEEN.  The piece I have is the title song.  The front cover of the
oversized piece has two photos from the play itself which seems to have
been done by white actors in blackface.  Also it has a photo of the
composer (Jean Schwartz) and lyricist (William Jerome).  Words and
lyrics follow.  

Oh my, one never knows what's out there to find!  Today I just purchased
another item, this time a book, from 1906 that will probably come here
within the first few days of 2000, but may well qualify as the oddest
item I will get in that entire year.  But, I like to wait until I have
the items IN HAND before I tell you about them.  So, until then,

Bob Corbett