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#1637: Re: The Fire Truck : Simidor replies to Delatour (fwd)


"Where have we inherited this sense of destruction `Krase Brise' is beyond 
me. It is truly a sad state of affairs folks," Mario Delatour states.   

Let us be careful not to generalize our own  (temporary, I hope, in the 
spirit of the new millenium) insanity, irresponsibilty and greed into a state 
of national guilt.  The Haitian people, and I'm careful in using that phrase, 
are not wasteful - on the contrary.  Kindly point your finger elsewhere.  Pp 
Ayisyen pat manje pwa (the loans of the Duvalier and recent years), nou pap 
bay lapire.  Literally, the Haitian people didn't eat those beans, we can't 
shit them.  Beware, grands mangeurs!

Daniel Simidor