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#1644: LeGrace Benson needs to contact Barbara Nesin


Bob, I am at a remote and cannot access my email addresses. Barbara Nesin is on your  list. Could you relay this message to her please? (I would not ask such a favor except I am en route to teach in Cap Haitian Haiti at Regina Assumpta and will not be able to reach Barbara or anybody for nearly two months.)

Barbara, I am in Cap Haitien until 18 Feb. at Regina Assumpta College to teach.  I exxpect to be at CAA in New York from 23 Feb Through 26 Feb.  While I will attend things at Hilton, I am actually staying at the less expensive Wellington. You can reach me there.  I am going to CAA reception at museum on 23rd, so maaaybe I will see you there.  I truly hope to be in touch.  My paper is on Thrusday AM. I expect to go to yours also.  Best, LeGrace