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#1635: Re: Haitian Presidential Race: Simidor replies to Kozyn (fwd)


What Mr. Laraque is groping his way to is the idea of a virtual election on 
the Corbett list.  Why not?  Candidates would range from the unrepentant 
Duvalierist right to obnoxious missionary types, wishy-washy Lavalas liberals 
and, judging by recent posts, a tiny over-enthusiastic left-wing.  Of course 
everybody would be eligible and everybody should vote.  The ratio of 
candidates to voters would be very interesting indeed, especially when 
compared to the "real" elections in Haiti.  The nice wishy-washy Haitian 
liberal among us would of course win. The real Y2K bogue leads some to 
confuse their computer screen or even the Corbett list with the real world. 
How dull.  

Daniel Simidor