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#1655: Hudicourt comments on preservation of things in Haiti

From: gilles hudicourt <hudic@videotron.ca>

I am sorry to say that this attitude is not new and that Duvalier was not
innovative in that matter.  The Haitian people, the Haitian government, the
Haitian elite have never maintained anything they owned.  Vehicles,
equipment, houses, plantations, canals, public buildings, public works,
everything that was built by the Haitians has always been abandoned or
destroyed, by loot, war, fire or just neglect.

What have we inherited ?  Where are all our palaces, manors, forts, public
buildings, plantations, dams, canals, lighthouses, ports.

The country is covered with ruins from the 17th, 18th 19th and 20th century,
the latest dating to 1986.  Our posh neighborhoods, instead of surviving the
ages as in other countries, keep moving, always higher and further for
downtown.  How many Haitian families live in a house that has been the
property of its family for 200 or 150 years ?.

The truth is right there for all to see.