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#1659: Happy birthday : Laleau comments


Dear Jean-Marie,

I have printed out your profound wish for Haiti because it is so true.

Sometimes I think that although the US may seem to be 'swallowing' Haiti, 
perhaps Haiti will be like a giant hairball in the belly of the cat, and 
eventually be free.  Or like the baby horned shark that was swallowed by a 
larger fish, that very quickly regurgitated it, entire and healthy.  (I saw 
it on a TV special on Howard Hall's underwater videography.)  Haiti will not 
be healthy and whole, but she may survive... I don't know what it will take, 

The truth is, that Haiti's birth was the eruption of the infinite into a very 
dismal historical world, and the heart and soul of that infinity are still 
beating and shining light and beauty all around it... witness the Haitian 
peasants, in particular, and the artists and musicians, and the market women 
who clothe their children and send them to school, despite the insurmountable 
odds... Shining through the cities' filth, shining from the denuded 

Nancy Laleau