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#1677: More about lack of maintenance (fwd)


Dear Corbett Land,
After I responded to Simidor's statement blaming others for Haiti's poor 
maintenance system, the stores in Grand Rue came to mind.
Those of you who are 40 or over and have been or lived in P-au-Prince in the 
1960's or early to mid 1970's. Do you remember the stores like Boulangerie 
St. Marc, Kay Bata and the myriad of stores in Blvd. Jean Jacques Dessalines. 
What physically happened to them? Can't the owners at least paint them? Can't 
the government subsidize gallons of paint as P-au-Prince is celebrating her 
150 anniversary.?
My brother was born in Hopital Castera in l961, right on top of Pharmacy 
Castera "sou Granri" (Haiti's Main Street. I could not recognize this place. 
I don't even know if it exists any more. 
I heard Champ-de -Mars looks good now. I saw the repairs under way  when I 
was in Haiti last August.
But will the Tribune or can the Tribune ever be replaced?
What irks me is that all those Haitians who have governed Haiti had traveled 
or lived abroad and had seen places . Don't they ever wonder or say" I would 
like Haiti to be like this place our that country." This is what I say to 
myself wherever I go, be it Paris or Tokyo, Dakar or Nassau.
Those people don't realize that Haiti is such a beautiful place. It has 
natural beauty and wonder , from its people, to its land, to its culture. All 
it needs is a little maintenance, a litte TLC  tender loving care)
Can any thing be done by the time we celebrate our 200th anniversary?
Let's challenge ourselves in the next four years.