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#1672: Disagreement is fine but what are the facts? Simidor to Nekita (fwd)


Christophe's vassals sacked his palaces because he was a tyrant.  You think 
perhaps they should have been mindful of latter day tourism?  Perish the 
monuments when the people have no food!  But who brought the Citadel and the 
colonial vestiges to their knees, the people or the inclement climate?  

Whose job is it anyway to maintain roads and historic sites?  In Haiti, the 
people (i.e. 95% of the population) work, while the government and the 
so-called elite (6,000 moun yo ki gen lajan) spend a gogo.  When per chance 
someone develops a latent conscience from abroad, the proper place to start 
is with a mea culpa: yes I worked for the government, or yes I was one of the 
6,000 people with money, and I messed up, I betrayed the nation's trust, I 
helped exploit its people.  Please don't tell me about the Haitian "psyche."  
That kind of nonsense just feeds into the racist blabla about Haitian 
irresponsibility, the inability to govern ourselves, etc.  To blame an entire 
nation is to blame no one; it's just a sloppy way to avoid personal 

Again, the people did not eat those beans (the loans of the Duvalier and 
later years).  They did not "kraze brize" the roads and your fine monuments.  
When the roads are good, we run them off by driving at full speed.  The one 
responsibility the people do have is to rid the country of the scourge of so 
many parasites.  And the fact of the matter is that they're still unable to 
do that because of a vast conspiracy (yes, conspiracy!) that includes the 
U.S. government, the international financial institutions, the puppet Preval 
and his clique of grands mangeurs, down to the NGOs and the missionary rabble 
cluttering the landscape.

With cheers and good hope for the future.  Daniel Simidor