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#1699: Cheap Flights to Haiti : Durban comments

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>


No such thing as a cheap airfare to Haiti, but I can report
that my RT PAP/MIA/PAP just before Christmas on Air d'Ayiti
wasn't too bad.  They are using the equipment (Boeing
727)and crew of Falcon Air and supposedly fly every day,
although given their load factor that won't last long.

They offer you a free round trip ticket for future use if
you buy a full fare ticket.  My full fare was US$ 304.00,
but this was a last minute trip just before Christmas when
all other airlines reported no space available.  The "free"
ticket requires you to pay a supposed "tax" of some US$ 59
and is on a standby basis with NO luggage (even
handcarry)allowed.  Actually, you CAN bring luggage, but
they will charge an extra $1 per lb, making the overall
price of your free ticket something more than "free". 

The "free" ticket cannot be used before January 15, 2000
and I'm wondering if they will still be in business when I
want to use mine.  They insisted on payment in CASH... no
credit cards, checks, etc., and I insisted on paying only
when I saw the airplane on the ground on the day of
departure.  I can report that all my luggage arrived on the
same plane I did, although the flight was 2 hours late on
arrival in Miami and 1 hour late on the return flight.

Here are the contacts:
 In Miami                 In PAP
  8034 NE 2nd Ave          At the airport
  Miami, FL   33126        246-2300 or 246-2692
  tel (305) 751-3434
  fax (305) 751-2424    

Best regards,
Lance Durban

P.S.  There is also a new airline, Nord Air Inc.
advertising 3 times a week service between Ft. Lauderdale
and Cap Haitian on a Saab-Scania 36 seat plane.  Their RT
price is $380 plus tax from Ft. Lauderdale and $240 if you
start your RT at Cap Haitien.  Their present office is
shared with Carib-Intair in Cap Haitian (Tel. 262-2300 or
262-3701 thru 3704) but the flyer I saw announces that they
will shortly move to a new office at rue 5L in Cap Haitien.
 Don't have a number for them in Ft. Lauderdale.  Maybe
Corbetter John Munsell can offer us some further info on
this new airline.
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