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#1725: Re: Econic Development Aid to Haiti Montas asks (fwd)

From: lys montas <lysmontas@hotmail.com>

Economic  Development  Aid  to  Haiti   Montas asks

As much as THE PHRASE  tires me, I   should, say   '' THE  PHRASEs   '' 
(i.e.,  First Democratic Election  in Haiti,…First  Democratically Elected 
President in Haiti,…) there is another habit of the    press  that  seems to 
have the same effect on me : i.e. '' Haiti received in 1998   $ 356  
millions of economic       development  aid, …Betwen 1995 and 1996,the aid 
was  $…millions ,...

Most of the times, the  writers of a news  story about economic aid in Haiti 
failed to indicate the specific  projects this aid was intended for,  nor  
how the money  was used . They  care  less to provide an accounting of the 
real use of the  money, nor  support the  story by providing photographic 
evidence of the projects financed by the aid.

The lack of accountability and physical  evidence raise questions on the 
intent of the aid and the role played by the media in foreign  aid to Haiti  
or any  other   third  world  country  for that matter.

As readers,we are more interested in how the  money was used in financing  
the project than just the magnitude  of the aid  (i.e.  Haiti received in 
january 19..  $100. millions in economic aid  for  40 Kms of road betwen Les 
Cayes and Jeremie,…  In April 19.. Haiti received  $….millions of economic 
aid for a technical school in Gonaives,…)

If you don't mind my using a metaphore  here : it is  difficult for a flood 
of raging waters to carry only clear water. Althought  we certainly want to 
know the amount of aid that goes to Haiti, but the number alone don't tell 
the whole story.
Montas,m.d. Montreal Canada

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