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#1714: Disagreement is fine but what are the facts? Foxwell replies to Delatour


Mario L. Delatour,

Your thesis on Krase Brise is right on target. It opens a line of understanding that I have been 
interested in pursuing for some time, that of the state of mental health in Haiti. Wherever 
people are suffering the extremes of poverty they adopt a krase brise mentality, destroying 
the very resources needed to end their misery. 

The way out of misery is typically a straight line based on caring for the means of production 
and comfort. Such husbandry has a cumulative effect, gradually improving the lot of those 
seeking to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. In order to achieve this mentality there 
must be a belief in the likelihood of improvement. The typical Haitian seems not to believe 
that things can improve, so he strikes out at the very means of his salvation with a krase brise, 
self destructive, mentality. 

In order to preserve the neurotic, compulsive commitment to one's own misery all hope must 
be obliterated. Since the neurotic never believes that his problems are his own he concocts 
elaborate conspiracies to explain his circumstances. Haiti's poverty is a self fulfilling prophecy. 
It is not based on external circumstances but on self hatred. Not even the elite class can be 
held responsible for this. They merely profit from the self induced misery of the underclass. 

Mental health services on a culture wide basis must be brought to bear on Haiti. This can be 
done through any and every social agency, whether  government, political parties, business, 
religion, medical, education or recreation. 

Hope can not be dispensed like candy. It must be born in the heart of each individual. Nor 
can it be won through the barrel of a gun. That only breeds more hopelessness. After 200 
years of freedom from outside oppression it is time for Haiti to throw off its self imposed 
chains and end its slavery to misery.  

Louis Foxwell
Deaf World Ministries
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Nokomis, FL 34275
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