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#1721: Gill replies to Burnham

From: mark gill <markgill@midwest.net>

there is some difference in what you are saying and in the views often
expressed on this mail list that the US has a policy, a set of directives
from either the Executive or another agencey, which have the intention of
keeping Haiti poor......

using a move to Mexico or Haiti or somewhere else is a power ploy, and i am
aware of it not only in the US, but in all countries that have powerful
labor unions, especially in today's "globalization" move.....

there is a BIG difference, in seems to me, in whether corporation power
plays have a secondary effect of hurting another country, and policy that is
designed TO hurt another country.....thus, the question of intent is
important.....many on this mail list refuse to give up the idea that such
policies of intentional "hurting" do not eminate from Washington......

for some conspiracy to exist, one would have to find where the corporations,
in order to fight higher wages/benefits, successfully manipulated policy in
DC to accomplish that end, and with the collusion of said agencies......to
keep Haiti, for example, in poverty so the corporate threat of moving there
was viable....

now, i think that one will be hard pressed to show that this happens......