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#1746: Diaspora: Laleau comments


Dear Joel,

That was a splendid article. I don't have much good to say for bourgeois 
capitalism or bourgeois democracy, although in Haiti's case, it would seem 
that bourgeois capitalism would be progressive, just as monarchies and 
nationalism were progressive in breaking up feudalism, and just as the 
18th-century bourgeois revolutions were progressive in overthrowing the 
monarchies... Haiti to a large extent is still a feudal society, but with 
mixed capitalist features, I guess... in a way, perhaps the masses of people 
want to elect Aristide to be king... and it would be progress against the 
existing feudalism, I guess.  Does the country have to pass through a 
benevolent monarchy or two before reaching bourgeois capitalism and democracy?

Unfortunately for Haiti and for all of us, it seems that bourgeois capitalism 
is just about obsolete and is moving into some kind of two-tiered corporate 
transnational imperialism.  (I don't remember exactly what Noam Chomsky 
called it, but you probably know what I mean.)  So I don't think small 
countries like Haiti are going to have the option of enjoying any kingship or 
bourgeois democracy/capitalism at all before being gobbled up by 
transnational corporations and/or economies.

Nancy Laleau