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#1742 Re: #1727: Disagreement is fine but what are the facts? Antoine replies to Villain

From: Guy Antoine <webmaster@windowsonhaiti.com>

>From: Marc Villain <MVillain@mail.mia.bellsouth.net>
> Mario Delatour reminded me of a quote I've once read in the 
> Miami Herald by a reporter covering the latest crisis during 
> the embargo where he stated: 
> " In Haiti, power is not achieved by building things, but rather 
> by destroying people and things"

Marc, I am constantly reminded of the same.  When you have 
been oppressed for a very long time, the classic response is 
"Kraze Brize".  I don't think it's particularly Haitian, I think it's 
human nature.  It happens periodically in the United States
(remember the "race riots"?) , it happens in Africa, but if 
people would think that Black people have a monopoly on
Kraze Brize, they should hasten to remember the tragic
behaviors witnessed during the 90's in Bosnia, Croatia,
Serbia, Albania, etc.  If, as Mr. Foxwell asserts, the Haitian
people are in dire need of improved mental health, one should
be careful to demonstrate the state of mental health of those
bent on delivering this particular kind of health remedy.  Have
they been certified by God himself?  Tell me about this
certification process.  All over the world, events demonstrate
the saying "No Justice, No peace".  True healing always
starts with rendering justice...

Is this a celebration of "dechoukaj" as some would have it?
Not in the least.  It is profoundly ironic that the practice of
"dechoukaj" and "kraze brize" in Haiti has ALWAYS ended
up hurting much more the very people who practice it.  When
they "dechouke" the tontons macoutes for example, it's never
their real strategists and commanders that suffer the most for
it.  Same for the Army chiefs. Same for the Presidents.  Often
innocent people end up being killed in the frenzy, or their
properties destroyed.  It is like the rule of Law, invisibly written
in the skies of Haiti, that the Big Cheese will always get away.
The Big Cheese always receives the protection of foreign
embassies.  The Big Cheese is OSTENSIBLY, ARROGANTLY
helped by the Government of the United States, or France, or 
some other country.  The Big Cheese is always given political
asylum, while thousands of innocent people seeking the same
have died at sea.  The Big Cheese gets to rent his properties
to the U.S. Government, at <<you guessed it>> taxpayer's
expense.  The Big Cheese gets to come to the U.S. and stay
there, and earn a living.  The Big Cheese gets to squander his
millions in Europe buying castles and jewels, like there is no
tomorrow (and ends up pleading poverty!)  The Big Cheese
always gets away, and almost always with the "in your face"
assistance of the United States Government.

Who does the celebrated "dechoukaj" hurt?  Some small 
cheese gets fried in the process.  In my view, that's a very
low rate of return.  Especially when you consider the number
of innocent people that accidentally end up hurt or dead.
As far as burning houses/properties go, do the people truly
benefit from carrying away refrigerators, radios, mosaic
tiles, sinks, WC's, and faucets that they will not be able to
use anyhow?  Do they benefit by burning houses, instead
of having them properly seized (perhaps... I know that this
is quite problematic) and converted into schools, shelters,
clinics, anything with a positive purpose?  Now why in the
'world should we celebrate "dechoukaj" when it has not done
one darn thing to help the "dechoukeurs" and always end
up making their life even more miserable than it was before
the "dechoukaj".  Social Justice IS NOT  Dechoukaj.  
Dechoukaj is only for FOOLS who love to send people dying
Bishop Tutu and Nelson Mandela are arguably the greatest
moral leaders of our times.  Let's reflect on their prescriptions
and develop a REWARDING MODEL of social justice.  All
other so-called "revolutionary" cries of "dechoukaj" are just
serving to perpetuate the misery of the people they pretend
to serve.

Unfortunately, we've seen this kind all too often.  Whether
in the streets or on the Internet, the behavior is ALWAYS the
same... justifying "Kraze Brize" and "Dechoukaj".  But who
said "you can fool SOME people ALL of the time, you can
even fool ALL of the people SOME of the time, but you cannot
fool ALL of the people ALL of the time" ...

This is a very tired song indeed.

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!