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#1753: Corbett asks for help in saving time on postings

Folks, school begins for me in just a week and I'll have a very busy
semester.  The number of posts are growing because of the number of
subscribers, which, of course, is growing as well.

I am asking some help from you and advising that not every item sent
to me will be posted.

	-- if at all possible, fully prepare the SUBJECT line in
your post.  I will have to give it a number, but if the rest is as
you'd like it to read, that will help me.  For example:

	Re: #1600 Smith replies to Jones on USAID's work in Haiti

Such preparation on your part will help.

	-- PLEASE do not write over the top of other whole messages.
I try very hard not to post such items in total since many subscribers
have accounts that charge by the byte.  Thus it takes my time to go down
and delete the old post at the bottom.

	-- If you are writing a personal note to the poster, please don't
send it to me.  I always post the original author's email address.  Send
personal notes directly to that person, not to me.

	-- The volume of notes is rising.  I will be more strict in
not posting items that aren't directly related to Haiti, or that are
no more than a brief comment that adds little to a previous post.

I don't have time to write each person and advise that I chose not to 
post your item.  If it doesn't appear you will know it hasn't been posted.
You can decide if you want to resubmit or not, just in case it wasn't 

	-- With more than 800 subscribers (and that's just on the MAIN
list I run.  Several people kindly have sublists where they take the
task of thinning out the volume of the main list), there are many folks
with web sites.  I just don't have time to announce web sites.  I
routinely delete these posts.

	-- Lastly, weigh your post a bit.  Please send any post that you 
think contributes seriously to our knowledge and discussions.  But, if
it is a very minor contribution or one on the edges of DIRECT Haiti
interest, please don't send them to the list.  This is not a list about
the Caribbean, nor about Cuba or the DR.  Please, only posts that are
directly FOCUSED on Haiti.

Your help will be especially appreciated by me since it will save me time.
But, it will be indirectly appreciated by all and the list remains more
centrally focussed on Haiti and maintains a level of seriousness.

Thanks,  Bob Corbett