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#1763: Dumping : Driver comments

From: Tom F. Driver <tfd3@columbia.edu>

A short while back, I said something here about the dumping of US-
manufactured goods in Haiti, which drew a rather skeptical response from 
Mark Gill.  In the wake of the WTO meeting in Seattle, I've come across an 
article in the Dec. 22, 1999, issiue of Business Daily headlined "Poor 
Nations Fight Back on Trade:  They Accuse Richer Nations of Dumping On 
Their Markets."  Although Mexico, Taiwan, and China are the only countries 
specifically named in the article, the text makes clear that the complaint is 
widespread among developing countries.

The article points to the ironic circumstance that the "anti-dumping laws" of 
the World Trade Organization have been vigorously defended by the U.S. in 
order to protect its own manufacturers, but now the same laws are being 
turned against the U.S. by the developing countries.  "Between 1987 and 
1997 188 anti-dumping cases were filed against the U.S. -- making it the No. 
2 target, after China."

Tom F. Driver
New York City