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#1778: Jean Jean-Pierre comments on Antoine's post on Kraze Brize (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

I wholeheartedly agree with Antoine on the universality of our -I mean
our species- violent tendencies.  However, in our case  we -Haitians- 
have been conditioned by our progenitors and continue to condition our
off springs to use a vocabulary that,I believe, has the potent  power 
of self prophecy. Take  specifically the word KRAZE in Kraze Brize
(total destruction).   We use the word Kraze for almost everything:
M'pral KRAZE  yon mayi moulin ak zaboka  (I'm going to eat some corn
meal and avocado)
M'pral KRAZE Marie (I'm going  to have sex with Marie)
M'pral KRAZE yon zn (I'm going somewhere)
M'pral KRAZE yon benyen (I'm going to take a bath)
M'pral KRAZE yon foutbl (I'm going to play soccer)
M'pral KRAZE yon dmi (I'm going to sleep)
M'pral KRAZE yon mizik I'm going to play some music)
M'KRAZE yon bl  bweson y swa   (I  got  smached  last night)
M'pral KRAZE yon lanm (I'm going to the beach)
M'pral KAZE  ....    Got it?

Jean Jean-Pierre