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#1785: How Michigan parish can help-Durban suggests (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

   I suggest that you and your local "twin" church in the
Jacmel area contact the Peace Corps and request the
services of an in-country volunteer.  The Jacmel folks will
probably have some good community service/development ideas
which he (and they) can work on.  Your church would be
there to some some financial support for materials, etc.
perhaps sending a technical expert down if the Peace
Corpsman so recommends, etc. etc.   An alternative is to
finance one of your own parishoners for a year's work
abroad, but that is quite a bit more risky.  The Peace
Corps is already set up with the in-country training
programs, etc. etc. and their volunteers have an expressed
willingness and desire to work in the difficult conditions
they are likely to encounter.  What the Peace Corps
volunteer might be able to do however, is offer some
welcoming services to a delegation of your church members
coming down to see how the project is going once things are
up and running. 

Lance Durban