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#1800: Re: #1781: Re: U.S. plot theory : Goff comments

From: Stan Goff <stangoff@all4democracy.org>

I was part of that military intervention task force, and I can assure you
that the intent of that mission was anything but the restoration of popular
democracy.  Clinton knew that the only way to make the intervention
palatable was to put Aristide's face on it.  While the US foreign policy
establishment was putting intense pressure on Aristide to convince him to go
back on the heels of a military invasion, the US military who prepared the
invasion was disseminating virulently anti-Aristide propaganda to all the
troops who were about to go in.  The underlying perception was that the
Cedras de facto regime would ultimately destabilize Haiti and bring a lot of
revolutionary activity to the fore.  I was thrown out of the country in
December, 1994, because I refused to take a "balanced" position between
Lavalas (who enjoyed overwhelming popular support) and the FRAPH, a
right-wing death squad network who the US military miraculously
rehabilitated into the "legitimate political opposition."  The majority of
the task force's efforts were committed to protecting the property of the
rich and trying to spiff up the image of the FAd'H.  As far as democracy
goes, the US is busily meddling in the electoral process right now, through
front foundations of the NED, through co-optation schemes by AID, and
through standard CIA BS.  The intent is not popular democracy, but
"democracy" that obeys the diktat of Uncle Sam, the IMF, and the World Bank.